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How Much To Plant In Your Garden

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While this may seem like a topic that needs to be in the gardening section, some people might disagree.

However, a question I am often asked is how much to plant in my garden this year?

After all, if you are growing your own food and preserving it, you do need to know how much to grow in order to have enough food to eat in season and be able to put up.

How Much To Grow To Be Self Sufficient?

Now there is a different in how much you might want to grow if you only plan to eat the food fresh out of the garden during the growing season instead of growing a garden to be self sufficient.

The numbers below are based on both eating the produce you grow in season and being able to have excess for stocking up.

Here is a simple chart that hopefully will help you plan your garden and stock your pantry!

Other Things To Consider When Deciding How Much To Plant

Keep in mind that this is just a guide to give you a place to start.

If you can a lot of tomato products such as ketchup, BBQ sauce, pizza or spaghetti sauce, etc. you may find you need more plants.

In a single year, I typically plant 150 tomato plants which is way more than I need for our family of two.

However I can donate the excess to food pantries, share it with friends, family or neighbors as well as have a little extra to sell.

It is always a good idea to plant a little extra to donate to food pantries or to share with your friends, family or neighbors.

Sharing is caring and in times of crisis people who rely on getting extra food from food pantries certainly do appreciate fresh produce.

For even more information including charts to help you plan your harvest, please check out The Family Garden Plan from Melissa K. Norris.

Planting Your Garden

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