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Garden #1 – The Walnut Garden

The walnut garden resides up the hill and to the left side of the house. It is the garden that borders my neighbor on one side. It is named this because there are numerous large black walnut trees growing there. I did not plant them, they came with the house. I like black walnuts, so the trick was figuring out what else would grow up there with them. Over the years, some wild raspberries took root. I have left them and pick them every year. I have found other plants that thrive underneath the trees – daylilies, hosta, columbine, Solomon’s Seal, paperbark hickory, lilac and a self-sown rose. On the outer edge of the garden, far away from where the walnut tree limbs reach, I have planted numerous evergreen trees of various types for border privacy. I planted more lilacs, bittersweet and Rose-of-Sharon along the edge of the property line as well. To add color, I interplanted planted tulips, iris, passiflora (maypop), valerian and yucca among other miscellanous plants. It’s always interesting to see what comes back from year-to-year.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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