The Best Vegetables To Plant In February 

Sheri Ann Richerson

There are a number of vegetables to plant in February outdoors in the garden, even in cold climates.

It is possible to plant some vegetables directly in the garden this month as long as they are protected by cold frames or tunnel houses.

Deciding what vegetables to plant in February outdoors requires knowledge of the plants themselves.

It's those cool weather crops like lettuce, spinach, peas and carrots that will thrive under cover even  if the ground is snow covered, the temperatures dip or a hard frost is predicted.

So the first thing to do is decide which crops you want to grow and where in the garden you  want them planted.

Then you must decide if you want to start the seeds indoors, harden them off and plant them in the garden or simply direct seed them into the garden.

Cool weather crops that do well when planted early in the season include: – salad mixes – carrots – spinach – seed potatoes – scallions – watercress – beets – onions – potatoes – leeks – turnips – peas

Of course, these are not be the only vegetables that would thrive under cover in the February garden and I encourage you to try others.

Remember to try just a few seeds or plants to see how well they perform in the garden before you plant every seed or plant you have just in case there is a crop failure.

Other February garden tasks include tapping maple trees, starting seeds of warm weather crops and planting potatoes outdoors.