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Flowering Trees For Fragrance And Beauty

There are many fragrant flowering trees, some bloom during the day and some bloom when night falls. Those that bloom at night have a more intense, wafting fragrance, possibly because the darkness and cooler temperatures keep the scent from dissipating quickly. Night blooming fragrant trees are nice because many people who work during the day …

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Roses In The Snow

  Sometimes my plants surprise me – especially my roses. They don’t typically bloom until May here in Indiana, but when fall rolls around they just don’t want to stop. It is not uncommon for me to see roses in bloom in November or even December, as was the case today. Last night we had …

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How To Care For Bare Root Stock

March is here and plants are already hitting the shelves in stores, some as bare root stock wrapped in spagnum moss surrounded with a pretty plastic bag and some potted in soil. For those of you who ordered through one of the many mail order companies that can be found online or through various catalogs, …

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