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Greenhouse And Cold Frame Garden Structure Ideas

Tunnel house, greenhouse and cold frame garden structures are all great choices growing plants in the winter, but what, exactly is the difference between the three of them? Technically they do the exact same job which is protect plants from the cold weather outside during the winter months. However each one has a slightly different …

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Greenhouses And Season Extenders

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a climate where food can be grown and harvested all year long. In northern climates, winter’s chill brings planting and harvesting to a halt for millions of gardeners. A family’s food needs, however, don’t stop after the fall harvest ends. Rather than hang up the garden tools …

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Greenhouse September 2011

As many of you know, my greenhouse and the plants inside of it were destroyed last fall. I have not built my collection back up yet, nor has the large greenhouse undergone the necessary repairs to make it usable. This video shows what remains of the tropical plants.

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