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What You Need To Know About Viola Seed Germination

There are a few tricks to successful viola seed germination, however the good news is these are perfect for winter sowing! For those of you unfamiliar with winter sowing, it is based on the fact that many seeds need a cold stratification period to germinate. It is one of the easiest ways to germinate perennials …

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Seed Starting: Statice

  Statice, botanically known as Limonium, is a wonderful flower to grow for fresh or dried floral arrangements, potpourri and other floral crafts. The flower heads are made up of numerous florets – which are tiny flowers. I prefer to start my statice seeds indoors in peat pellets because they are so small and need the extra …

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Seed Starting: Snapdragon

    Ah – Snapdragon – botanically known as Antirrhinum ! An early spring flower that will tolerate light frost and keep on blooming. Snapdragons are a common flower, but one sure to delight the little ones in your life if they are allowed to play with some of the blooms which look like the top …

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