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Indiana Winter Vegetable Garden November 2

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We had a killing frost last night, so most of the garden was already gone today – including my hardy figs. I did not get them covered in time to save the figs that were almost ready to pick – but there is always next year. After a careful survey of the garden I did find several cold hardy plants up in the big vegetable garden that were doing well. I dug those up and transplanted them to the small hoop house for the winter. Those plants were celery, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and lettuce. Growing inside the hoop house was some onions left over from last year. I watered all the plants in well and am sure they will do just fine thought the winter.

Normally I would have started my fall and winter vegetables from seed directly inside my hoop house. I have been dealing with some personal issues due to the unexpected death of Jerry last year and simply have struggled to have a garden at all. I had planted these vegetables in the spring but due to anxiety issues did not get up to the big garden to take care of them – and this is why I had the pest issue. I think given that they were not watered once other than by rain, had no fertilizer other than the organic compost that was put on last fall and no other care they did quite well. You can see for yourself in the video that I made of the hoop house winter garden.

Here is a video showing what the inside of the hoop house looked like after I finished planting today – November 2, 2014. You will notice my cabbages have holes in the leaves. I intend to sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth (DE) on top of the plants in the hoop house to make sure they are no longer bothered by pests. I should have done this earlier in the year, but did not. Anyway, here is the video and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to leave some comments below!

Sharing is caring!

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