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Compost Advantages That Every Gardener Needs To Know About

One of the biggest compost advantages is it is an environmentally friendly way to improve soil structure that can be done without spending any money!

Save money, save the environment and grow a better garden by improving your soil with the precious resource known as black gold!

There are many advantages to composting.

One, you get free black gold for your plants, two you save waste from being hauled to the landfill, three, you help to save the environment by helping to eliminate run off and having less need for pesticides.


The Best Soil Amendment

Simply put, there is no better soil amendment than compost.

Black gold, as it is called, is made from organic waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill; items such as weeds, plant clippings, kitchen scraps, livestock manure, shredded paper, leaves and grass clippings, to name just a few.

When combined, these materials heat up, break down and turn into black gold.

The more you turn your compost pile, which adds oxygen to the mix, the faster the materials will break down.

However, if turning a compost pile is not your idea of a good time, there are slow composting methods that do work.

Compost – An Environmentally Friendly Option

Using compost to improve your soil helps to eliminate the runoff that so typically happens when synthetic fertilizers are used.

The increased amount of organic matter in your soil will allow water to soak in and travel through the soil to your plants roots, rather than to puddle on the surface or simply flow away.

Soil enriched with compost also holds fertilizer better.

When a heavy rain hits, if you have poor soil that cannot take up the fertilizers you have applied, they will run off.

The run off often ends up polluting a stream, or harming local wildlife that drink the puddles of water they find.

Soil that is compost enriched generally does not need synthetic fertilizers because the compost provides everything your plants need to thrive.

You’ll also need fewer pesticides if you even need them at all.

Super-healthy plants are less susceptible to infestations and insect attacks.

Less chemicals in your garden will allow beneficial insects to take up residence and they will deal with the few insects that do try to invade.

Creating compost is all about not wasting or polluting precious natural resources.

This is something we all want to find a way to do.

It is also about finding a better, more environmentally friendly way to garden.

Composting allows us to work with the natural flow of nature.

We can learn how to garden by the seasons using compost to warm and enrich our soil.

We can turn waste into a reusable product that does not require any non-renewable resources nor harm the environment in the process.


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