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From Obamas’ Organic Vegetable Garden To Greener White House Grounds

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What a great way to lead the nation by planting a vegetable garden, but not just any vegetable garden, an organic one!

The first steps have been taken, but there is a long way to go and the Obamas’ may just be the ones to get the job done.


Wildlife seems to be a problem at the White House grounds.

Numerous wild animals, especially racoons seem to be prowling around.

Why not section off part of the White House grounds as a wildlife habitat?

Even if racoons and other “pesky” animals were removed for safety reasons, birds, butterflies and even some amphibians could call this home.

With programs such as America The Beautiful Fund, in place that provide “free seeds” for the cost of postage it is possible to add a wildlife habitat to the White House lawn as well as other government lawns without increasing the debt load.

With a bit of elbow grease, some volunteers and sheer determination the White House lawn could be changed from a mass of green requiring hours of maintenance to a place of beauty that did not require gasoline, oil or any type of pesticides.

While I am on this kick, why not encourage the Obamas’ to go even one step further and add a few hens – both for the fresh eggs and for bug control.

Mosquitos don’t stand a chance and neither do Japanese Beetles if there are chickens on the grounds.

A law should be passed allowing people to keep one or two hens regardless of where they live.

City folk could sure benefit and any method that can be used to rid the world of unwanted bugs without the use of chemicals seems like the right answer to me.

Composting should be as required as recycling.

Think of all the items put in the landfill that could be composted?

Shredded paper, leaves, small twigs, vegetable and fruit scraps.


With just a little more effort on the part of every person the world would sure be a cleaner place.

Even those who do not garden could benefit from composting.

Why not sell your compost to someone who does garden?

In today’s economy, every little bit helps.

I could go on forever about ways to improve the White House, your house and yes, even my house, instead I will encourage you to do your part and join the Green The Grounds National Media Campaign, This campaign encourages our First Families – in the White House and governors’ mansions – to adopt more sustainable landscaping practices.

Don’t forget to celebrate Earth Day, April 22!

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Sharing is caring!

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