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Vegetables to Plant in January: Garden Tips for Year-Round Growing

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There are a number of vegetables to plant in January and by planting early you get a  head start on growing early spring vegetables.

Planting cool weather crops in January means you will need cold frames and row covers if you live in a cold climate unless you plan to start seeds indoors.

Here in Indiana seed starting is already underway for many gardeners who want to get a jump start on the spring gardening season.

Some gardeners want to grow vegetables only while other gardeners want a home garden filled with flowers, herbs and home grown vegetables.

What seeds to start in January will depend on many things including how much space you have to grow seeds into young plants, if you have cold frames or tunnel houses to move the seedlings into as they grow and finally how far off spring is in your neck of the woods.

Early Spring Vegetables, Herbs And Flowers 

There are many varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers that can be planted outdoors in the home garden before the last spring frost.

Some of these plants will go right through light frosts without needing protection while others will need a small cold frame or row cover to survive those cold nights and light frosts.

It is possible to make your own cold frame quite easily using a raised bed.

Simply screw some metal conduit clips to the inside of your raised bed frame, put one end of plastic conduit into the first clip, gently bend the conduit so it touches the ground on the other side of the raised bed, then put that end into a conduit clip.

The conduit clips will help secure the conduit so it does not easily move.

If possible, once the conduit is secured inside the clips, push the conduit an inch or so into the ground.

This will help add stability.

Fill your raised bed with a good container soil mix and make sure the soil is wet.

Plant your young seedlings or seeds and drape 6 mil. plastic over the top of the plastic conduit hoops.

To secure the edges of the plastic to the ground to make the cold frame airtight, lay sand bags, bricks or large pieces of wood on top of the plastic on the ground.

If it is late enough in the season that all you need is a little frost protection, use row cover instead of plastic.


Seed Starting Dates For Vegetables And Flowers To Plant In January

This seed starting calendar is optimized for home gardeners in Indiana for the month of January.

It is advisable that you begin by planting only a few of the seeds in the seed packet just in case something happens to the first round of plants you try to grow.

Multiple Dates For Vegetables To Plant In January

The multiple dates for sowing various seeds such as carrots are there for people who succession sow, or who did not get the seed sown on the first date.

Succession sowing is making several sowings of the same crops to stagger the harvest date so you get a longer harvest period for the same crop.

It is a good idea to write these dates down on a calendar and make notes.

What works for one person may not work for his neighbor.

Many factors including gardening soil, the weather and the variety of seeds you choose play a role in how successful your home garden will be.

The Backside Of The Gardening Calendar


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