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Plant Bulbs In January: Get A Head Start On Cut Flower Production

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Plant bulbs in January to get a head start on growing gorgeous flowers for cut flower production.

Inside of a heated greenhouse, triteleria, anemone, iris and crocosmia should be planted for early spring bloom.

The secret to local success as a cut flower grower is to beat out your competition by having gorgeous cut flower blooms in spring, earlier than your competitors.

So why not earn a little money from your greenhouse by growing cut flowers?

Don’t forget to grow a few herbs and vegetables for the dinner table too!


Plant Iris Bulbs In January

Iris should be planted the first Friday of January.

Be sure to plant the iris rhizomes in free draining, organic potting soil and do not bury the rhizome.

Iris rhizomes lay on top of the potting medium.

Their long roots go down into the soil to anchor the growing iris.

As long as the soil is warm enough the rhizomes will begin growing.

Gardeners can expect iris blooms by April.

Iris come in a rainbow of colors so plant enough of each to make nice bouquets.

Remember to plant some bearded iris too.

Plant Anemone And Triteleria Bulbs In January

The second Wednesday and Thursday of January bring another round of planting for cut flower production.

Plant anemone on the second Wednesday and the flowers should be ready for cutting in April around the same time as the iris.

The second Thursday of January is the day to plant triteleria bulbs.

The flowers from these bulbs will not be ready for cutting until May.

Plant Crocosmia Bulbs In January 

The third Tuesday of the month, plant numerous crocosmia tubers.

The crocosmia will not bloom until July typically, but they will be nicer than the ones grown in the open that have been exposed to the elements of the weather.

Typically greenhouse grown crocosmia are taller than ones grown in the garden.

Vegetables, Herbs And Annual Flowers Help Offset Heating Cost

If you are looking for a way to offset the cost of heating the greenhouse or tunnel house this early in the month, plant carrots, sugar snap peas, cabbage, onions, celery and parsley.

These herbs and vegetables will be a tasty treat this early in the year.

Plant seeds of dianthus, pansy, statice and snapdragon as well.

Keep in mind when choosing which varieties of dianthus, statice and snapdragon to grow that there are varieties meant for cut flower production.

Choose those varieties for great filler materials for bouquets.

Keep inter-planting bulbs, herbs, flowers and vegetables throughout the month of January.

Not only will the mixed plantings benefit one another by keeping insect populations down, but excess space will be filled with harvestable crops.

As one crop is removed, add a new crop to take its place.

Bulbs and Rhizomes

Sharing is caring!

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