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Spring Flowering Bulbs: The Cutting Garden

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Spring flowering bulbs are typically planted in the fall of the previous year.

Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and crocus are all popular spring bulbs.

However, not all spring flowering bulbs are planted outdoors.

Some spring flowering bulbs are planted in heated greenhouse or unheated tunnel houses during February and March.

These bulbs are usually forced for early blooms in spring.

Most often cut flower producers do this to get ahead of the competition, however it is possible to do this at home as long as you have a place to grow and flower the bulbs.


A bouquet of anemone in a white vase.

Spring Flowering Bulbs To Plant In The February Greenhouse

Acidanthera bulbs planted the first of February in a heated greenhouse will bloom in July.

Anemone bulbs planted the second of the month will bloom in April.

Crocosmia tubers should be planted the third day of the month.

The brightly colored flowers will achieve greater height in the greenhouse than when grown outdoors.

These bulbs will bloom in July.

Another popular group of spring flowering plants is the iris, which are typically planted on February sixth for April blooms.

The planting season for iris can span over several months, starting as early as November.

Planting iris in a heated greenhouse offers the home gardener a greater chance to have longer blooms that are unmarred by local weather conditions.

Iris is a lovely cut flower as well.

Triteleia bulbs are another bulb that can be planted from November forward.

Plant a few bulbs every couple of days to keep succession blooms happening.

These spring flower bulbs planted on the eighth of February will be ready to bloom in May.

Spring Flowering Bulbs To Plant In The March Greenhouse

Crocosmia tubers should be planted on the sixth of March.

These can be succession planted from the first planting in February though this date or simply planted on this date depending on the number of bulbs to be planted.

Another planting of acidanthera bulbs can be made on the eighth.

These will bloom in July.

Additional iris rhizomes can be planted on March ninth for blooms later in the spring.

Home gardeners who wish to plant blooming bulbs directly into the garden may want to grow them in pots that can be planted in the ground to minimize root disturbance.

Bulbs that have been forced can be planted in the garden after they have flowered.

Many times these bulbs will not bloom the following year, but will every year after that.

It is also important that these bulbs are planted while the foliage is still green.

Bulbs and Rhizomes


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