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How To Grow Marimo Moss Balls

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Sheri Ann Richerson from opens and shows how she set up her tank for the Luffy Giant Marimo Moss Balls that she received for review.

Use Spring Water For Moss Balls

Please note I used spring water, not tap water for my Marimo moss balls tank and also for washing them.

Tap water contains chemicals that could harm these plants.

Even though my Marimos froze they are doing very well now.


How To Take Care Of A Moss Ball

These are plants that thrive in any aquatic environment with minimal care.

I put mine in a small bowl filled with spring water.

Do not use tap water with these.

I put some pretty pebbles in the bottom and once every 2 weeks I remove them, squeeze them out to make sure they are clean, clean the tank and refill it was fresh spring water.

It is important to make sure these do sink because after a through cleaning – as well as when they first arrive – they want to float.

This is easy to do by submerging them under water and sneezing them several times.

Eventually they do soak up enough fresh water to sink again.

These are actually a type of algae but not to worry because they won’t fill your tank with algae.

Why Is My Moss Ball Floating?

Make sure to keep squeezing and cleaning your Marimo moss balls until they sink to the bottom of the container.

Mine wanted to keep floating at first.

I submerged them in water and kept squeezing the Marimo until they took up enough water to sink.

I believe they were pretty dry from shipping which is normal.

How To Know If Your Moss Ball Is Pregnant

When they do become “pregnant” you just pull them apart.

You know when they are “pregnant” by how they look – kind of lopsided – and you will see the area where the two moss balls are attached.

One of mine came already pregnant which was nice because I got a bonus Marimo.

Do be aware that these grow very slowly so when you do separate them, do not expect the baby to grow quickly.

It is easy to get them back into a ball shape by just squeezing them into shape in your hand.

A Moss Ball Garden Is Easy To Care For

They are a very interesting conversation piece and certainly look cool floating about in water.

I really like mine.

They are absolutely ideal for anyone who wants a living plant that is very low maintenance!


Sharing is caring!

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