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Popular Plants For Miniature Gardens

Miniature plants require very little space to grow, making it possible to create one or more miniature gardens in containers if yard space is an issue.

There are many types of miniature plants available and they come in a variety of sizes.

Creating a trough filled with miniature plants can add interest to an existing perennial garden.

Miniature plants make great fairy gardens and also work well in railroad gardens, not to mention they are easy to grow indoors or anywhere space is limited.

The possibilities for finding places to grow a miniature garden are endless.

What Is A Miniature Garden?

Miniature gardens are small-scale gardens that anyone can start.

They are an excellent hobby for people of all ages and levels of gardening experience.

They may seem complicated at first, but they are actually very easy to maintain once you get started.

Miniature gardens can be made in any number of containers, though the most common container is a glass jar.

You can use anything from jars and bottles to old flower pots or even scraps of wood and plastic as a base for your miniature garden.

You may find yourself wondering how plants in a miniature garden get enough light if the garden is inside.

The answer is that they don’t need as much light as plants that grow outside do because they are smaller plants with smaller leaves than standard sized varieties.

So as long as they are placed in the correct location, they are sure to thrive.


Create The Perfect Miniature Garden Using These Planting Tips

  • Choose plants that appeal to your personal preferences and lifestyle.
  • Choose a location for your miniature garden that the plants will thrive in.
  • Put in some time, effort, and creativity into designing your miniature garden.
  • Mulch the top of the soil because it is aesthetically pleasing and it helps retain moisture in the soil.
  • Use natural materials to decorate your garden such as pretty rocks, shells or other interesting materials found outdoors.

Daylilies Are Popular Plants For Miniature Gardens

Miniature daylilies produce flowers that are less than 2-inches across, according to Iowa State University.

Miniature daylilies make great edging plants.

Like the larger varieties, these plants produce flowers that last just one day, and then fade.

Deadhead, or remove the flowers as they fade to prevent the formation of seed heads.

Daylilies come in a variety of colors, and some types produce blooms all season long.

Daylilies are easy-to-care for and will tolerate poor soils, although it is best to amend the soil with compost before planting them if possible, then top dress the soil around the plant with 3-inches of compost every spring.

Daylilies prefer to grow in full sun, although they will tolerate part shade.

Miniature Hosta Are Another Option For Miniature Gardens

Hosta are popular plants for the shade garden because of their beautiful foliage which comes in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and textures, according to Ohio State University.

Hosta foliage comes in white, blue, green, gold and yellow.

The foliage may be a single color or some form of variegation where two or more colors are combined on the leaves.

Miniature hostas are often 4-inches or less in height, although they might be as tall as 10-inches.

Different growers often classify hosta size differently, so be sure to find out how large the plant will get at maturity.

Plant Some Miniature Campanula

Campanula, or American bellflower, quickly spreads by both seed and rhizome, according to Utah State University Cooperative Extension.

The bell-shaped flowers come in many colors including blue, pink and white.

Campanula prefers growing in rich, moist, well-drained soils but once established, are drought tolerant which is one reason why they make perfect plants for rock gardens.

Plant miniature Campanula in full to part sun at the front of the flower border, or in a container.

Miniature Campanula has a height that ranges from 2 to 6-inches tall.

Plant Some Miniature Roses 

Miniature roses are popular gifts that do not require as much care as hybrid tea roses.

Miniature roses do well indoors in containers or outdoors at the front of a flower bed.

The flowers come in a wide array of colors including red, white, pink and purple.

The height of miniature roses varies considerably.

The smallest ones are just 3-inches tall, but they can grow as tall as 18-inches and still be considered a miniature, according to Iowa State University.

Enjoy Your Miniature Gardens For Years To Come

Once your miniature gardens are created, you can enjoy them for years to come as long as you take care of them.

Just like a regular garden there may be weeds to pull.

Both water and fertilizer are necessary to keep the plants looking their best and remember to deadhead the spent blooms.

Miniature gardens make great gifts too and once your friends see yours, they are sure to want one of their own!

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