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Gardening For Spiritual Health

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Many people talk about gardening for spiritual health.

Have you ever wondered if there is any truth to the fact that gardening can put you in touch with your spiritual side? 

Or maybe this is just an old wives tale? 

But did you know that many people think of gardening and romance, or associate  gardening with hopefulness. 

In fact, many people now link gardening and new age meditations.

In this brief blog post, I will explore how being in tune with nature allows you to be in tune with yourself, thus allowing for the blissful state of spirituality to come into play.


Step One: Allow Yourself To Be In Tune With Nature 

Spirituality will not come into play the moment you sit down in your garden and begin to work. 

However, you can use the task of gardening to help in your day-to-day struggles or even to meditate. 

For example, when you are weeding envision your problems disappearing with each weed you pull.

As you work in your garden allow yourself to notice the tiny things that escape us daily. 

For example, a worm moving about in the dirt or ants busily making a new home, watch the butterflies and the bees at work. 

Regardless of your personal religious beliefs think about how incredible this is. 

Each creature has a task and ultimately we all must do our tasks for the world to evolve.

Take particular notice how the insects in your garden peacefully interact with one another. 

This is the way life was intended to be. 

So why do we as humans have such a difficult time with this task? 

Possibly because we are so busy trying to control everything around us that we forget to take time to help others or we simply feel that we can’t spare the time.

If you’ve ever noticed how insects work together to get all their tasks accomplished it makes you wonder if they don’t know something that we’ve somehow forgot. 

Can you imagine how great it would be if everyone worked together to get a task accomplished? 

Allowing ourselves to be in tune with nature can be one of the most educational and rewarding experiences we can have. 

Not only that, but to me being in nature is the closest to heaven that I’ve been here on earth.


Step Two: Sustain Yourself In The Moment

Allow yourself to revel in the moment. 

There is no need to rush. 

One primary factor of well-being is to have leisure time. 

Without this all important step, we’re just spinning our wheels.

One way to allow yourself to stay in the moment is to just sit and breath in the smells around you. 

Take Time To Enjoy Nature

The sweet scent of flowers can be almost intoxicating. 

I often find that the smell helps to transport me into a state of bliss. 

I can find myself thinking about all the beautiful colors in my garden, the shapes, the different scents and finding myself very thankful that all of this was created for our enjoyment. 

Can you imagine a world without the flowers and trees? 

I certainly can’t.  

The garden is certainly a masterpiece. 

It is also one we get to help design. 

I find that there is just something very special about working with a seed or a plant and dirt – in some small way it connects you to the universe.

Step Three: Allow This Blissful State To Carry Over Into Your Daily Life

As I mentioned above, look at the way insects or even how wildlife interact in your garden

They all work together, as a family. 

Isn’t this the way human life should be? 

Why do we have difficulty doing this? 

Think about the blissful state you are in when you are in the garden… worries, no haste. 

Isn’t this the way we would like life to be? 

There is no reason it can’t be that way. 

Learn How To Let Go

You must first learn to let go. 

The little things really won’t matter years from now and our health should be first and foremost. 

The best way to succeed in life is to allow everyone to be themselves and learn how not to be so uptight. 

Gardening is a wonderful way to learn to do this. 

What would your boss say if he or she saw you covered in dirt? 

Would it change the relationship? 

The next time things get to you just imagine the person who is irritating you covered in mud, but try not to laugh too loud.

Let The Feeling Of Gratefulness Come Over You

Many times after a few hours in the garden, a feeling of gratefulness comes over us. 

This should be a day-to-day feeling. 

Try to carry this peacefulness with you. 

It will make a difference in your life. 

Remember all things around you are special given gifts that are for you alone.

I don’t know that there is an explanation for the feeling we get when we are in touch with nature, but I do believe it shouldn’t be an occasional feeling. 

Know That You Are One With The Universe

I like the feeling that I am connected to the universe even if it is in a small way. 

I feel like I am doing something that benefits everyone in a small way by gardening. 

I believe that this is a great way to get in touch with your spiritual side because you are giving a very special part of yourself by gardening.

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