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Healing Water Gardens

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Healing water gardens in your backyard, in your home or even in your office helps relieve stress, relax or can help you feel closer to nature.

From the beginning of time it seems that man has known that water has had healing properties.

However in today’s society many people think of water as nothing more than a means to quench their thirst, bathe in, clean with or put out fires.

How terribly far from the truth this is.

Water is one of the most important substances in the physical reality.

Reasons To Add Healing Water Gardens To Your Backyard

While there are many ways to incorporate the healing properties of water into your life, water gardening is one way that many people choose to help them get closer to the natural movement of water.

The sound of moving water can help relieve stress, in turn helping to relax you.

It is a soothing sound rather the water is flowing over pebbles or coming from a waterfall or fountain.

To many people, this sound causes them to relate to spiritual situations.

The sound of flowing water helps many people reach a higher state of awareness.

In the words of one water gardener, “when I hear water flowing it reminds me that He flows here. He fills my heart with songs in the night, fills me with living water to share as well as filling me with light, life and more. Where He flows there is signs of life.”


Healing Water Gardens Need Moving Water

In nature water maintains its healthfulness by moving along in various vortexes.

When water is channeled such as through a pipe its natural movement is interfered with.

It has been proven once this movement is interfered with the waters memory will change however the memory of the previous movement still remains and can be recalled.

A great to experience the healing properties of water is by putting in a pond, fountain or waterfall.

For some the magic of water lies in the fact that they can lose themselves in the sights, sounds and smells of the surrounding area.

Moving water helps some who suffer with chronic pain, such as arthritis to receive therapeutic benefits fairly inexpensively.

Indoor And Outdoor Options For Healing Water Gardens

Small water gardens can be made from galvanized metal tubs, flower pots, a plastic container, wading pools, feeding troughs or any other item that will hold water.

You can also buy pond liner, which is fairly inexpensive and allows you to make your own custom sized pond.

Either way, it is possible to have your own healing water garden paradise right in your own yard, home or office.

If you decide to create an outdoor pond, or even a waterfall, which by the way, is one of the hottest growing trends today, pick a site that you feel comfortable relaxing in.

The location of the water feature will play an important role in the amount of healing as well as the amount of enjoyment received from it.

For many, the sun sparkling on the water is a big attraction, but a shaded pond can be quite a refreshing difference.

Shaded ponds tend to lend a feeling of lush coolness to a garden.

One thought to keep in mind when deciding how much light to allow into your water feature is this.

The amount of light present in the water molecules will determine the purity and balance of the water.

If the water is receiving light it will give balanced consciousness and health.

If it does not receive any light then imbalance and ill health will be the result.

Waterfall Options For Your Healing Water Gardens

With the addition of some plants and the relaxing sound of flowing water, this can be a very peaceful, healing and relaxing area.

Adding a waterfall to your pond can be quite easy.

Many times kits come pre-made and all you have to do is assemble them and add the water.

Waterfalls lend their own magic and charm to a garden.

In addition they are often being used inside buildings these days.

The sight and sound of the falling water will welcome you each day.

It is also a wonderful sound to fall asleep to.

Ponds And Water Gardens

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