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Ponds with a Tropical Look

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A private place to relax with a tropical look is something many people strive for in their gardens. A place set apart from the rest of the world and possibly even set apart from the rest of the garden. In today’s hectic word the garden, especially water gardens, are seen as private retreats where one can easily relax after a hard day’s work. This is an aspect that many professional pond designers have been aware of for some time now. This is one reason why many professional designers incorporate tropical plants into both pond design and landscape design. According to Charles Thomas of Lilypons Gardens “Once your pond is installed, the less you do, the better.”

Tropical plants, known for their exotic and jungle-like appearance make perfect specimens to grow for a quick privacy fence without the expense, work or unnatural appearance that a true fence would have. They are also excellent choices for a quick cover up to make a garden look established.

Tropical-style gardens break all the rules. Bright, colorful flowers combined with a wide variety of leaves that can be anything from bold and glossy to fine and ferny are seen scrambling together. This is the look of the tropics. It is this look that creates a tropical paradise. Add in a water feature or two and you have created a private Eden in your backyard.

“After the initial investment and effort, water gardens are low care. You don’t have to water the plants. They bloom readily and almost continually all summer,” according to Teri Dunn, author of the book Water Gardens. “A pond is said to use less water than the same area covered by a traditional lawn, so water gardening can be said to be environmentally friendly and responsible.”

Tropical plants can add to this dimension. Typically grown where days are hot and nights are cool with brief afternoon rainfalls, tropical plants can withstand less water once established.

“Water is the separator of good gardens and great gardens. It has movement, motion, observation, energy both static and dynamic, life, sound, sight,” Rick Anderson, professional pond builder states. “How could you not want water in your garden?”

However the tropical look movement certainly includes more than just water. The plants are the most important part of the landscaping. Choose the plants you want to grow carefully. Be sure to keep in mind the look of the tropics, large leaves, colorful flowers and foliage as well as a wide variety of leaf textures.

Sharing is caring!

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