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How To Deadhead Dianthus

Removing spent blooms from a plant is a gardening practice known as deadheading, and it’s a crucial technique for maintaining the health and appearance of various flowering plants, including Dianthus. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the reasons for deadheading, how to deadhead Dianthus with step by step instructions, and how to root your …

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Outsmart Frost In Spring Vegetable Gardens

Before planting the vegetable garden, it is a good idea to make a plan on paper then prepare cold frames or tunnel houses to protect the crops from unexpected frost in spring. Planning a vegetable garden on paper is something many gardeners do, but they often forget about planning an early spring vegetable garden. Planning the …

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Important Must-Do February Garden Chores

When it comes to February garden chores, some are small and others are huge, like tapping maple trees. February is a good month to purchase any last minute seeds for the garden, clean used flowerpots and buy seed starting supplies such as seed starting potting mix, peat pots, flower tags and organic fertilizers. This is …

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