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Spring Flowering Bulbs: The Cutting Garden

Spring flowering bulbs are typically planted in the fall of the previous year. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinth and crocus are all popular spring bulbs. However, not all spring flowering bulbs are planted outdoors. Some spring flowering bulbs are planted in heated greenhouse or unheated tunnel houses during February and March. These bulbs are usually forced for …

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Daylily And Geranium Are Colorful Plant Combinations

Disclaimer: I did receive these plants for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. One of the most colorful plant combinations that I have found in recent years is the daylily and geranium. While these two plants are not my favorites and in fact, I most likely would not have bought …

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Spring Blooming Bulbs

  I was a little suprised when I saw this combination of winter aconite and miniature iris growing in my garden this week. Both of these plants are early spring blooming bulbs. I did plant them both, several years apart, not really thinking about how they would look together, or to be truthful, even caring. …

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Clitoria is an easy care-free vine that can thrive in a variety of conditions. Although this plant prefers well-drained soil it can thrive in poor soil or even sand and under various lighting conditions.   The flowers of this plant are available as both single and double varieties. A little known fact is that they …

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Bulb Guide

Botanically speaking a bulb is not always a bulb. Many times plants are sold as bulbs and unsuspecting consumers do not know the difference between a true bulb, a corm, a rhizome or a tuber. Plants such as Oriental Lilies and Crinums come from bulbs which are a modified, shortened shoot that is enclosed by …

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