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May is the Month for Container Gardening


With spring in full swing, homeowners and apartment dwellers are throwing open their doors and readying their spaces for outdoor enjoyment. Chief among their activities this May is planting containers, pottery and window boxes with luscious flowers and foliage to adorn their patios, porches and home. Giving these beauties a solid foundation with the best possible growing mix is vital for maintaining showstopping splendor all season long.

The PRO-MIX® line of growing mixes offers a superior environment for any plant one chooses to pot up this month. Whether it is colorful annuals, grasses, perennials, succulents or even indoor plants and orchids, PRO-MIX® has a formulation that works.


“Everyday dirt should never, ever be used to fill containers,” says Chantal Duchesneau, marketing and communications director for Premier Tech Horticulture, makers of the PRO-MIX® line of growing mixes. “Its dense structure holds too much moisture and doesn’t allow water to drain properly.”

Roots become waterlogged, Duchesneau adds, and potted plants can end up dying. A growing medium specially created for containers of all kinds allows plant roots to breathe with ease while taking up the nutrients they need to flourish.

As plants are potted this spring, gardeners of all levels can turn to several growing mix solutions from PRO-MIX®. The PRO-MIX® Ultimate Potting Mix is a ready-to-use, peat-based formulation for potting a wide range of plants. The mix lets water drain optimally while also allowing for proper aeration for roots. “A scientifically designed gel in the mix holds water in reserve, releasing it as the surround mix dries, thereby reducing the need to water frequently,” Duchesneau notes.

Duchesneau adds that the Ultimate Potting Mix also comes with a charge of plant food that can feed all but the heaviest-feeding plants for up to nine months, and the addition of MycoActive™, a natural plant stimulant that assists in nutrient and water uptake.


OtherPRO-MIX®products that provide ultimate growing conditions for container plants include:

PRO-MIX® Ultimate All Purpose Mix, suitable for both indoor and outdoor potted plantings and enriched with a nine-month dose of plant food.

PRO-MIX® Orchid Mix, specially formulated for orchids and other epiphytic plants and enriched with a three-month charge of plant food.

PRO-MIX® African Violet Mix, specially designed to provide proper air porosity, water retention, pH and three months of food needed by members of the African Violet family of plants.

PRO-MIX® Cactus Mix, a fast-draining growing medium created especially for cactus and succulents with a three-month charge of fertilizer.

All of these PRO-MIX® growing mixes are fortified with MycoActive™ for aiding water and plant nutrient uptake and improved resistance to growing stresses.

“We’ve developed PRO-MIX® products that provide the ultimate growing medium for container gardening,” says Duchesneau. “Legions of gardeners will be creating stunning plant combinations this May for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and for summer celebrations. PRO-MIX® will be there to provide the foundation for their season-long health.”

For more information on the whole line of PRO-MIX® growing mixes, visit, and find the products at local garden centers and retail stores.


About Premier Tech Horticulture: Premier Tech Horticulture, makers of the PRO-MIX® line of growing mixes, has been building its know-how and reputation on its expertise in horticulture for 90 years. Find them online at and ‘like’ them on Facebook

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