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The Secret for Great Gardens Starts with Great Soil

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Great soils make great plants. It’s a secret known by professional and experienced gardeners for many, many years and is now being adopted by the average home gardener.

Building soil in pots, mixed containers, garden beds and vegetable patches is well worth it and goes a long way in producing beautiful blooms and bountiful harvests.

A high-quality and nutritious growing environment doesn’t just happen in today’s landscapes. It’s crafted through the addition of growing mixes and amendments, producing a soil much improved over the often hard-packed, poor-quality “dirt” found surrounding many homes. Consider creating a $10 hole for a $1 plant using PRO-MIX® growing mixes formulated for a multitude of gardening needs.

“An ideal growing environment is not often found at the end of a gardener’s shovel,” says Chantal Duchesneau, marketing and communications director for Premier Tech Horticulture, makers of the PRO-MIX® line of growing mixes. “Everyday ‘dirt’ found in a backyard or garden bed is often lacking in nutrition, is too dense for proper root growth, or doesn’t hold moisture properly. And it should NEVER be used to fill containers.”

The eight growing mixes in the PRO-MIX® line are the proven solutions to these and other soil problems every gardener encounters.

“We’ve developed a variety of soil solutions from organic growing mixes and potting mixes to specialized planting mixes,” says Duchesneau. “Most of the mixes include an all-natural ingredient, MycoActive™, a form of mycorrhizae which stimulates a plant’s root system to takeup more nutrients and water to improve health and growth.”

As spring emerges around the country, gardeners can start their planting on the right foot with PRO-MIX® in their garden beds and containers. Two of the PRO-MIX® products that will be sought after by gardeners include:

  • PRO-MIX® Ultimate Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix: A ready-to-use organic mix suitable for all vegetable and herb gardening needs. Its organic fertilizer provides a gradual feeding to plants, and MycoActive™ helps improve plant growth.


  • PRO-MIX® Ultimate Garden Mix: Complete and ready-to-use, this Garden Mix is suitable for planting outdoor plants and vegetables as well as for conditioning flower beds. Enriched with plant food that feed plants for up to 9 months, and MycoActive™ is MYCORRHIZAE, a natural plant stimulant which assists plants for nutrient and water uptake for improved plant growth and resistance to stresses.


Other specialized PRO-MIX® products include Ultimate Potting Mix, Ultimate All Purpose, Ultimate Organic Seed Starting, Fortified Peat Moss, Orchid Mix, African Violet Mix and Cactus Mix.

“Whether it’s an orchid collection, a plot of tomatoes and basil, or a garden bed full of colorful annual flowers, we’ve developed a PRO-MIX® growing mix to improve plants growing environment and help them thrive,” Duchesneau explains. “Our goal is, and has always been, to help gardeners grow their passion.”

For more information on the complete line of PRO-MIX® growing mixes, visit and find the products at local garden centers and retail stores.


About Premier Tech Horticulture: Premier Tech Horticulture, makers of the PRO-MIX® line of growing mixes, has been building its know-how and reputation on its expertise in horticulture for 90 years. Find them online at and ‘like’ them on Facebook

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