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Plants Grown In Biodegradable Pots Eliminate Transplant Shock

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MADISON, OH – It’s one small step for plants, and—just maybe—a giant leap for Planet Earth.

Bluestone Perennials, a top mailorder and web source for garden plants (, is the first perennial nursery to com­pletely banish the use of plastic growing pots. Think of it as a green industry leader that has gone green.

Bluestone Perennials now offers its entire line of plants all grown in coco pots—100% biodegradable containers made from coconut husk fibers (coir). The new coco pots measure 3.5 inches square and 4 inches high, and are 2.5 times larger than the small plastic pots that Bluestone had previously been using.

“The coco pot’s exceptional permeability to water and air allows plants to quickly grow a robust root system,” said William Boonstra, President of Bluestone Perennials. “In traditional plastic pots, plants tend to become root-bound with a tightly interwoven root mass at the bottom of the container. When grown in a coco pot, the same plant grows healthy roots throughout the entire pot. The roots spread out in all directions and air prune as they exit the pot. A plant with healthy roots grows bigger and faster, and that means lots of healthy, vibrant foliage and ear­lier flower production.”


Because coco pots are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable, the pots can be planted directly into the ground. As a result, plants suffer minimal to no transplant shock. Rather than spending precious time recovering from shock, coco pot-grown plants can immediately focus on establishing themselves in the garden—and outpacing plants grown in plastic pots.

The ecofriendly coco pots are a renew­able resource that require little energy to make, and they naturally break down to become part of the soil structure.  Plus, there are no leftover pots to recycle or throw away.

“The new coco pots also enabled us to improve our packaging, which en­sures that our plants arrive at the peak of health,” said Boonstra. “The new packag­ing even lets us banish those annoying and messy packing peanuts. The new shipping containers, combined with 100% biode­gradable pots that can be planted directly into the ground, make unpacking and plant­ing a breeze. Our plants are ready to grow right out of the box.”

All of the plants sold by Bluestone Perennials are backed by a full one year 100% guarantee. If a Bluestone plant does not thrive, the company will replace it free or refund the purchase price. To receive a free Bluestone Perennial catalog call (800) 852-5243. To view the catalog and purchase online, visit

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