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Three New Scientific Studies Tout the Benefits of Mycorrhizae™

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Compelling case study results on the benefits of MYCORRHIZAE™ have lead Premier Tech Horticulture to include these all-natural beneficial organisms in all PRO-MIX® consumer growing mixes.

Three new scientific case studies on the benefits of MYCORRHIZAE™ were recently released by Premier Tech Horticulture, makers of PRO-MIX® growing mixes. The case studies were conducted by researchers from University Laval-Pavillon Envirotron mixing this all-natural ingredient with various growing mixes.

“After seeing the benefits of MYCORRHIZAE™ in these case studies, we decided to put these beneficial organisms in all our PRO-MIX® bags,” said Chantal Duchesneau, Premier Tech Horticulture Director of Marketing and Communications.  “When gardeners see the MycoActive™ on the packaging, they can be assured MYCORRHIZAE™ is included.”

MYCORRHIZAE™ naturally creates stronger roots and healthier plants.  It assists the plant’s root system and increases both nutrient and water uptake, for improved plant growth and resistance to stresses.

“Stress free plants don’t attract diseases or pests as readily as weaker plants,” says Martin Trepanier researcher at University Laval- Pavillon Envirotron.  Martin Trepanier is an industry thought leader on the use of beneficial organisms in agricultural and horticultural uses.

The case studies compared PRO-MIX® MP Mycorrhizae™ Organik to a competitor’s organic medium to see which grew broccoli, green pepper, and tomato plants in field planting the best. Plants grown in both mediums were also tested in a greenhouse setting.  Each plant was treated with an organic fertilizer.

Findings showed that the plants grown in PRO-MIX® MP Mycorrhizae™ Organik growing mix with MycoActive™ produced larger, greener and healthier plants with higher yields compared to the competitor.

For example, broccoli grew as much as 150% and the shoot dry weight of tomatoes increased as much as 82.3% over the competition.

Below are the specific findings from each case study:


  • All plant growth aspects were equivalent or superior with PRO-MIX® MP Mycorrhizae™ Organik media.
  • Increases in top and root dry weight were measured for broccoli in PRO-MIX® MP Mycorrhizae™ Organik in comparison to competitor products and it was up by as much as 150% in comparison to one other organic media A.
  • Plants were greener and had increased stem diameter in the PRO-MIX® MP Mycorrhizae™ Organik.


Green Pepper:

  • All plant growth aspects were better or similar with PRO-MIX® MP Organic in comparison to other media used.
  • Stem diameter increased by 50% in PRO-MIX® MP Organic in comparison to other mixes tested.
  • Plants were greener and had shorter inter nodes as well in the PRO-MIX® MP Organic.



  • Tomato growth in PRO-MIX® MP Organic was equivalent or superior to other competitor organic media.
  • Shoot dry weight was increased by 53.2% with PRO-MIX® MP Organic compared to GM2, 63% compared to GM3, 36% to GM4, 7% to GM5 and 82.3% to GM6.
  • PRO-MIX® MP Organic provided greener plants and better rooting.


Premier Tech offers the only 100% contaminant-free mycorrhizae in the market and is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants.


Corporate profile: For close to 90 years, Premier Tech has been building its know-how and reputation on the expertise and synergy of its three groups – Horticulture and Agriculture, Industrial Equipment and Environmental Technologies. They have one mission: to become technological and commercial leaders in their respective industries. Driven by a multidisciplinary team of over 2,300 people located in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Premier Tech focuses on the development of its team members, on innovation, and on the introduction of value-added products and services to support its long-term growth.

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