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Clitoria is an easy care-free vine that can thrive in a variety of conditions. Although this plant prefers well-drained soil it can thrive in poor soil or even sand and under various lighting conditions.


The flowers of this plant are available as both single and double varieties. A little known fact is that they are available in various colors. The most well known is the blue, but they are also available in white and pink. The pink is considered to be a wildflower inCarolina. The white is rare with the double white variety being even more elusive.


The easiest way to germinate Clitoria seeds is to fold a piece of paper toweling so it fits inside a Styrofoam cup. Dampen the toweling with hot water and place the seeds on top. Then cover the top of the seeds with additional paper toweling pouring just enough hot water on top of the towel to dampen it. Check the seeds daily after this to see if they have germinated.


When the seeds have begin to germinate, place them in small Styrofoam cups filled with a well-draining potting mix. After that place the cup back on bottom heat with a grow light no more than an inch overhead. You can purchase grow mats or germination chambers at many nurseries or local chain stores. Many of these are pre-designed to provide the proper temperature to seedlings by simply plugging them in.


Once your seedling begins to grow, the vine will twine from left to right so do expect to provide some type of support for it. You can expect your Clitoria to begin to flower in as little as six weeks from the time it germinates.


A weekly feeding of a water soluble 15-30-15 fertilizer is recommended. Clitoria vines can grow 10 feet within one season. The more you fertilize, the faster the vine will grow.

Once your seedlings have five pairs of leaves and the temperatures are above 65 degrees you can plant them in your garden.





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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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