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3 Favorite Fall Veggies

Fall is the time to start enjoying more vegetables. It is getting colder. You would want your meals to heartier and more filling to warm you straight up. Soups, casseroles and stews laced with fall time vegetables are perfect for the cold weather. It doesn’t hurt that you make these already filling dishes even healthier.
Below are three of the best fall vegetables that you should include in this year’s grocery list and menu:
Carrots are sometimes referred to as a spring vegetable, though they are often available in the fall as well. They also go great with many of your favorite fall recipes, such as if you are making a soup, stew, adding carrots to your salads, or just enjoying a snack with carrots and ranch or hummus dip. Roasting carrots is another great option, which just requires a little olive oil, your favorite seasonings, and an oven.
Butternut Squash
There are a lot of different types of squashes that are popular in the fall, though you canít go wrong with a nice butternut squash. It is low in fat and calories, has a lot of nutrients, and has a creamy texture that is perfect for soup. In fact, it is commonly turned into butternut squash soup that you can serve on its own or with your choice of bread or crackers. You can also steam or roast the butternut squash and enjoy with butter, cheese, or pasta.
Sweet Potatoes
Donít forget about your sweet potatoes! These are a sweeter and lower fat version of white potatoes, as well as being lower in carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes have so many different uses, from making a healthier French fries or mashed potatoes, to frying them, roasting them, boiling them, or doing just about anything with the purple vegetable.
These three fall vegetables are probably the most accessible during that time of the year. They can be made in several different ways and there is no doubt that they would fit your budget.
Nevertheless, they are by no means all the ones you should consider. Some other excellent fall vegetables to enjoy include yams, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and pumpkin. In fact, pumpkin can also replace certain ingredients in your baked dishes to make them lower fat, including cakes and cupcakes – once again vegetables save the day!
It is always a good idea to include seasonal vegetables in your cooking repertoire. So next time you are at the grocers, pick up some carrots, squash and sweet potatoes! Thank us later!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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