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Just Arrived: 1 Professional, Colorful LED #growhobby Light


Disclaimer: I received this item for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

I’ve wanted to try LED grow lights for years – and had just trailed one right before the one from #growhobby. LED grow lights are different – and some of those differences are very noticeable such as the location of the red and blue lights. Other differences are not so noticeable such as the chipset inside them. I love the way the #growhobby LED grow light has taken away the dullness on my plants and turned the leaves shiny. While I don’t know the science behind why this works with this particular light and not other LED grow lights, I know what I have seen happen. I also know this light would be ideal for seed starting – and I do a lot of that.


Instead of using this Led light on germinating seeds, raising seedlings, cuttings or clones for this trial I chose to use it on some adult plants that needed a little extra boost. The winter here in Indiana often leaves my tropical plants looking a little on the scraggly side. I’m sure some of you know what I mean. Once summer arrives and the plants go outside they look real nice within a month or so but by then it is almost time to bring them back indoors for the winter. I knew there had to be a better, easier way to get my plants to perform and look the way I wanted them to year-round. The LED #growhobby light is the answer although it is not powerful enough on its own for full fruiting so expect to use a different light for that phase.

I love the small, compact size of the #growhobby LED grow light. It doesn’t produce damaging heat buildup because it has better heat dissipation then the resin material PCB board many LED lights have. This means no more heat sinks or fans to set up to keep your plants from experiencing leaf burn. The Smart LED Technology means there is no mercury to worry about. Another advantage is there is no need to keep replacing bulbs over and over again – we all know that can get real expensive! The German Imported Osram Chipset is of a high quality. The body of the #growhobby LED light is made of 99% oxidized aluminum. I also like that the 98% transmission rate glad optical LEF lens means no yellowing problems.

The #growhobby is easy to use too, just screw it into a standard North American Bulb Socket (e26 base). It is only 12 Watts so it is inexpensive to use. It lasts 50,000+ house, putting out 800 Lumens. For those who want to know even more technical information the red LED ratio is 660nm 3pcs; 630nm 6pcs and the blue LED ratio is 460nm 3pcs.

While this light will work for some hydroponic operations, it is not good for intense operations. Use this LED grow light for seedlings, leafy vegetables, herbs, cloning plants, cuttings, caring for plants such as what I am doing with mine. It is great for orchids or similar tender plants. I am very happy with the results I am getting from the #growhobby LED grow light. Once my plants are looking good and ready to move on to the next stage I will simply put them under a more intense light. This light is going to be get most of its use on seedlings. We all know the healthier the seedlings, the healthier the plants! I truly love this light and the difference it is already making in what was a not so nice looking plant. I am sure you will love it too.

Learn more about GrowHobby an LED Grow Light and Garden Company. Be sure to enter the giveaway contest on their site as well.

For those who wish to buy the #growhobby LED grow light right now, use coupon code E4WG8QXX to save 30%!

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