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Product Review: Organic Garden Seed Gift Box

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Disclaimer: I received this product/service at a reduced price or for free. All opinions are my own and are my honest opinions based on my own experience with the product.

I received a ten pack of organic vegetable seeds earlier this month which was just in time for early planting.

As some of you know I often plant seeds of cool weather crops as early as January under cover outdoors and begin seeds of warm weather crops indoors.

Since a portion of my garden is protected by a hoop house and cold frames, I can do this successfully here in Indiana.

The reason I start the warm weather crops so early is because I like to plant those outdoors under cover by mid to late March depending on the severity of the weather.


The first thing I liked about these seeds were they are organic, non-GMO.

That is huge to me and I am sure it is to some of you as well.

The ten packets of seeds included in the organic seeds gift pack were ones that vegetable gardeners are likely to grow with the exception of courgette.

I don’t know a lot of gardeners that grow that but maybe that is a regional preference.

The seeds were well packaged and I love that the back of the box not only told what seeds were inside but also gave a seed count.

That is important to know in order to better plan your garden.

The seeds are sealed in foil packets so even though 90 tomato seeds might seem excessive it will be easy to seal and store those seed packets for the following year.

The other item in the box was plant labels and sticks.

I was less than impressed with these.

The plant sticks are simply wood pop-sickle sticks and the labels are stick-on.

The design would make it easy to do even for a child but my concern is I know wooden pop-sickle sticks do not hold up well long-term in dirt and neither do stickers.

My suggestion is to use these indoors when you start your garden but use something else such as plastic blinds cut down into stakes or copper stakes to actually mark the garden rows.

Overall my thoughts were this is a nice starter kit and a great gift item especially for someone who wants to start a garden but is not sure where to begin.

The backs of the seed packets are information however there is no “getting started” guide included in this gift set so be aware of that.

I do think there is enough information however that even a new gardener could succeed.

Sharing is caring!

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