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Garden Photos Post



We moved here in August 2004 and I brought plants with me. Some I had grown for many years and some had just been bought that summer. I also brought tubs full of seeds in anticipation of having acreage that I could garden on. Over the years I have watched the garden change drastically. Some plants live – some die. This past winter was the worst one since moving here. I am seeing plants begin to die off that I thought had made it through the winter. My roses took a hard hit and until they bloom I’m honestly not sure if what I am seeing come up from ground level is the actual rose I bought or grafting stock. I do plant my roses so the graft is two to three inches below ground – so there is a good chance that the roses – while killed back to ground level – did survive. Even my Rugosa roses are showing mass damage. The poppy in the photo above made it through the winter and has spread. I love this poppy so I am excited about that.


In this post I am going to share some photos of plants in my garden with you. I have realized that I take the photos, put them on my hard drive and never look at them again. It is time to stop doing that and start sharing. Please feel free to ask questions or leave comments on this post. We are all here to learn from one another.


This is Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Goddess’ that I grew from seed. I keep it in my cool greenhouse over the winter months.


This is Wisteria Amethyst Falls – and yes, it does bloom the first year. My plant is slow growing. In fact it is not even six feet long yet and I bought it back in 2004. It bloomed that first spring. It does have a slight fragrance but not real noticeable.


This is a Knock-Out Rose ‘Rainbow.’ It is my personal favorite from the Knock-Out family of roses because I like the different colors on one bush.


This is Rose ‘Purple Tiger.’ It really struggles to thrive here in my Indiana garden and I seriously doubt it made it through this past winter.


This is an antique rose and my absolute favorite but it never seems to thrive in my garden. It is Rose ‘Baronne de Rothschild.’ It is highly fragrant and a spring bloomer. It grows quite fast but then declines just as quickly.


I love Rhodendrons but they don’t last long in my garden. I am pretty sure it is because I just don’t have enough acidity in my soil. I do amend it but that really doesn’t help much.


Purple Iris.






Peach Iris.


Peaches forming on one of my peach trees.


This is a painted daisy that I grew from seed.


The fuzzy looking plant is lamb’s ears. I have no idea what the yellow flowered plant is. Does anyone know? It is a great groundcover and rapid spreader.


A view of the front garden. That large rose is a single bush. It is a Rugosa Rose named ‘Hanna.’ It is very fragrant and will continue to bloom if the faded roses are kept cut off.


Peony ‘Green Lotus.’


Green Iris.


Yellow Iris.


Double flowered Hellebore.


A small critter area I created. Behind the pond you will notice a dish filled with critter feed for bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks and other small wildlife.


I love tropical plants – and I love Cannas.


One of the bluebird houses Jerry built me. I have yet to see a bluebird use it.


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