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Butterflies, Bees And Moths In The Garden

Here are some pretty neat videos I took of butterflies, bees and moths in the garden this year. I hope you enjoy them! It is wonderful to me to see all them flying about while I am gardening. All of these videos were taken at Exotic Gardening Farm & Wildlife Habitat in Marion, Indiana. We do have a Homesteading Festival once a year. This year it is on Sunday, September 22. The public is invited to attend. I can’t guarantee what you will see on that day in regards to butterflies and birds but what I can tell you is there are lots of them hanging around this year.

The Nest

This first video is of a hive I came across in my front garden while I was weed eating. I had no idea it was there. I was working away when suddenly I realized I was covered in bees. I am not sure what type of bees these are but they did not sting me. The hive is beautiful. I left the area and came back several hours later with my camera to shoot this video.


Moth In Barn

I saw this moth on the floor of my barn in an empty stall when I went to water the goats. I wasn’t sure if it was ok, but I wanted to find out. I do not know what type of moth it is, but the good news is it flew away at the end of the video and nested on the ceiling of the barn instead of on the floor.



Monarch Butterfly On Butterfly Bush

I was getting a bit concerned because I had not seen a single Monarch Butterfly this year. I have a dedicated butterfly garden with lots of milkweed and other nectar plants. I went out with my camera to see what I could find fluttering about and saw this Monarch drinking nectar from the butterfly bush. It didn’t seem to care that I was there filming it.


Silver-Spotted Skipper And Bees In The Garden

There are at least two Silver-Spotted Skippers in the video along with lots of bees.


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