Natural Gardening Tips For Fall Planting

Sheri Ann Richerson

Fall is the most natural time of year to plant perennials and bulbs as well as do some much needed cleanup before winter sets in.

The following information will help you.

One of the best times to plant is in the fall after the first frost because it’s easy to dig in the soil and it will not be as hard on your plants to acclimate to a new environment.

Fall gardening offers a few benefits including: - You can take advantage of cooler temperatures.

- You still have plenty of plant options available at your local garden centers.

- The soil is softer, making digging easier and less damaging to plants. - Your plants will have a better chance at survival during winter months.

Here is a great selection of perennials for you to plant this fall: – Aster – Cape Fuschia – Catmint – Coreopsis – Delphinium – Gaillardia – Gaura – Lavender – Penstemon – Scabiosa – Salvia – Shasta Daisies – Yarrow – Verbena

When planting autumn perennials, don't forget to choose some spring blooming bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinth to add color early in the season.