Celebrate Halloween With Night Blooming Plants

Sheri Ann Richerson

Night blooming plants are a great way to add that extra spooky touch to your Halloween festivities.

What a suprise it was for me one morning to open my door and discovered a bloom on my Angel Trumpet.

Night blooming plants are a type of plant that typically flowers only at night, so they are a great addition to the garden for those who spend time outdoors in the evening.

Here are a few night blooming plants I recommend.

In the cactus family is the night blooming “Queen Of The Night,” as it is commonly called from the cacti genus Selenicereus, whose flowers open from 9pm to 3am

Another choice in fragrant night blooming plants is the night blooming Jasmine, Cestrum Nocturnum.

Tropical night blooming water lilies come in white (of course), but also in red, blue and pink.

Almost any white colored or silver colored plant that keeps its blooms open or has white or silver foliage during the night will reflect the moonlight and make a perfect garden walk-way marker.

Other similar tropical night blooming plants include Heliotrope Valeriana, Nicotiana Alata, and Bavardia Gardenia Radicands.