Why Would Gardeners Want To Grow Aconitums In Their Garden?

Sheri Ann Richerson

So many people ask me why would gardeners want to grow aconitums’s in their garden considering how toxic this plant is.

I do grow this in my garden and I have to say the honest answer is, for many reasons.

One of the biggest reasons gardeners want to grow aconites in their garden is because of the how late the plant blooms in the fall.

It is so easy to care for because it takes care of itself and that is another reason why gardeners want to grow aconites in their garden.

Some gardeners like to have poisonous plant gardens or simply add toxic plants into their regular garden.

I do not recommend this plant for anyone who has small children around or for anyone who has a lot of garden tours unless you can find a way to make sure no one touches the plant.

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