How To Successfully Grow Mums

Sheri Ann Richerson

Chrysanthemums, commonly called mums are certainly the star of the fall garden, however understanding how to grow mums is crucial to long term gardening success.

The following information will help you.

Mums are one of the most reliable fall blooming flowers. They come in a wide array of colors and blossom styles – so you can choose ones that are extravagant or dainty depending on your personal preference.

Mums are pretty care-free in comparison to other plants.

Plant mums in well-drained soil to keep the roots from rotting.

Water mums on a regular basis so the root system does not dry out.

Pinching off the faded flowers can encourage some varieties to re-bloom.

Mums have a shallow root system – and thus often heave when the ground freezes, then thaws.

It is best to divide mums in the spring when they begin to emerge.