How To Grow And Care For Persian Shield Plant

Sheri Ann Richerson

The Persian Shield Plant is quickly catching everyone’s eye this spring with its beautiful, exotic looking narrow, lance-shaped quilted leaves.

The Persian Shield plant was a favorite in Victorian times and appears to be well on its way to becoming a favorite today.

The Persian Shield plant has beautiful blue flowers, but they should be removed, because they weaken the plant.

The Persian Shield plant can grow up to three feet with pinching, and a double pinch is recommended, and up to five feet without and will stand on their own without staking.

This plant can be grown outdoors in the garden during the warmer months, but don’t let it get too cold.

This plant likes to be watered well, allowed to dry slightly, especially during its resting period.

This plant should be fertilized either with nitrogen or a well-balanced fertilizer.

If you intend to grow this plant indoors, you may want to consider giving it some type of artificial lighting to encourage it to branch.

It is a plant that is well worth the effort for the beauty of the leaves, and it definitely draws the eye to it. It is a real treat from bland green leaves, and can be used in the garden in place of such common plants as Dusty Miller and Artemisia.