Cool Season Vegetables

Sheri Ann Richerson

Growing a variety of cool season vegeatbles is the easiest way to have fresh food in your own backyard from fall through spring.

Cauliflower broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, mustard, turnips, winter squash, and sometimes pumpkin, if planted late enough in the year, will come up in the spring instead of starting to sprout and grow in the fall.

Think about the cool season vegetables you are growing and if possible, leave those alone.

Try to wait until the frost and cold weather kills them back before removing them from your garden.

Here in Indiana, USDA Hardiness Zone 5/6, I have had kale, Swiss chard and Brussels sprouts survive in the open garden into December and been able to harvest fresh vegetables for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Unless the plants are ones that can survive a frost, cover the plants with a layer of row cover and then put a cold frame or high tunnel over them.

Growing cool season vegeatbles also helps to lower your grocery billduring the winter months.