Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants grown in home gardens. Did you know there are more than 7,500 different varieties of tomatoes – and that number keeps increasing. Amazing, isn’t it? If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at growing this tasty fruit – yes, tomatoes are technically a fruit – or if you haven’t had much success growing them, this information is for you.

These tomato seed starting tips are sure to have you successfully raising tomatoes from seed.  Growing from seed lets you to grow unique, heirloom varieties. Start the tomato seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost in your area.

Learn the real answer to how long does it take to grow tomatoes from seed.  Plus learn what factors can affect the germination process.

Ever wonder how to grow tomatoes in pots outside?  Start with these easy to grow tomatoes that perform well when grown in containers indoors or out!

Learn how to grow organic tomatoes with these 8 tips.  Then grow more tomatoes that are healthy and delicious right in your own backyard!

Non gmo tomatoes started from seed at home are the choice for many gardeners.  Learn tips for growing great tomatoes in your own garden.

Do you want to grow non gmo tomatoes in your garden?  Choose your color and taste preference then grow your own organic heirloom tomato plants.

Wondering what to do about tomatoes with brown spots on the bottom of them?  Learn how to combat blossom end rot, a common problem many gardeners encounter.

These organic gardening tips for controlling pests on tomato plants help you identify, control and get rid of the problem without the use of organic pesticides in most cases.

Waiting for the first tomatoes of the season to ripen – especially if you are growing new varieties – is hard. I grow a lot of heirloom varieties on the farm and always try to have some black or purple varieties. This year I decided to try a tomato sampler challenge  to see which tomatoes tasted the best and ripened the fastest here in my Indiana garden.

101 Tips To Help You With Your Organic Garden! This eBook features twelve categories, has over 29,000 words, and includes 101 tips, organzied by category and hyperlinked to make it easy to find exactly what you want. This eBook is designed to provide you with easy to follow organic gardening tips in bite size chunks that are easy to implement in your garden. Whether you’re a gardening veteran in need of new strategies and a good refresher, or you’re just getting started gardening organically — you’re in the right place. Don’t miss out! Order your copy today for just $15.00! Categories In This Book Include… Where To Start Organic Soil Amendments Attracting Beneficial Insects Organic Pest Management Companion Planting Indoor And Container Gardening Wild Plants And Seeds Flowers Fruits And Nuts Herbs Vegetables Green Your Garden

Growing organically is important because the produce is healthier and contains more nutrients. It is better for the environment, insects and birds, plus there is no concern about the potential issues with GMO’s. It is also environmentally friendly and helps reduce your carbon footprint, not to mention saves money. Plus there is the holistic perspective of growing an organic garden because from the soil to the food we eat, it is all interconnected. In this course you will learn: – How to build healthy organic soil – When to plant seeds or established plants as well as when to direct sow – How to simplify garden maintenance – Natural methods of pest control