Greenhouse And Cold Frame Garden Structure Ideas

Sheri Ann Richerson

Tunnel house, greenhouse and cold frame garden structures are all great choices growing plants in the winter, but what, exactly is the difference between the three of them?

Think of a greenhouse as a small room made out of glass or plastic.

A tunnel house is very similar in size to a greenhouse, but it is unheated.

A cold frame is the simpliest of these structures. It is nothing more than a box-like structure with a clear glass or plastic top.

Cool season crops and perennial plants do not need heat to survive the winter inside a garden structure.

Some garden structures run thousands of dollars, while others cost less than $25.

If you want to know more about year-round gardening or gardening structures, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Year-Round Gardening, is a great book that covers all aspects of gardening indoors and out, all year long..