How To Grow Enormous Tropical Bulbs In Containers

Sheri Ann Richerson

If growing tropical bulbs in containers outdoors in the summer is a bit of a challenge to you, you are not alone.

There are five things you must do in order for your tropical bulbs to not only survive, but thrive.

The first is to make sure the containers they are in contain well-drained soil.

Adequate water during the growing season is a necessity.

Keep them warm and dry during dormancy, but be aware of what they are doing. They will sprout when the time is right.

Proper fertilization and pruning are essential.

The right soil matters because adequate drainage is essential.

Tropical plants love water, but you must water properly.

When it comes to fertilization, the best method is actually to use both a time release fertilizer and a liquid fertilizer.

Although tropicals are known for surviving in hot, dry conditions, once you take them from their native environment into your own, you must adjust their care.

Learning to grow tropical plants in pots can be very rewarding, and you will find once you have a routine down, very effortless.

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