Gardening In Winter In A Cold Climate

Sheri Ann Richerson

Gardening in winter in a cold climate outdoors is possible.

The following information will help you.

My little unheated high tunnel is not in a protected area. On January 1, I harvested fresh radish from inside the high tunnel.

I did use frost cover inside of the high tunnel but I did not get the bottoms and ends secured to the ground.

Some of the smaller radish were frozen and soft, so I put those in the compost pile.

The cabbages faired pretty well, although I suspect they will bolt come spring

One huge mistake I made was closing the high tunnel up too early last fall.

That caused some plants to bolt early because it was much too warm inside the plastic.

After harvesting the radishes and pulling up any tiny weeds that were trying to sprout, I used my handy circle hoe to work the top of the ground.

I did not drench the soil, I just gave it a gentle watering with a watering can.

It is important to make sure the soil stays moist anytime you are trying to germinate seeds.

Learning exactly how often to water and how much water to apply is essential to winter gardening success.

Are you wondering what to grow when gardening in winter?

Here are a few ideas: – Swiss Chard – Brussels sprouts – Radishes – Potatoes - Salad greens

Gardening during the winter months has many advantages - - no pests - fresh, homegrown produce - plus it saves you money!