Expert Advice On How To Grow Oleanders

Sheri Ann Richerson

Learn how to grow Oleanders indoors or out, depending on your climate

Oleanders come in both single and double flowered forms and host a wide array of flower colors.

Pruning is a necessity with Oleanders.

Oleanders are native to the eastern Mediterranean, so naturally they prefer warm, dry conditions with humidity.

Oleanders can be propagated fairly easily from seed with a bit of patience.

As toxic as Oleanders are, they are susceptible to aphids, scale and some types of caterpillars.

Be aware that hungry animals will eat Oleanders, and that lethal doses of about 1/4 pound (thirty to forty leaves) can kill an adult horse.

The toxins in Oleanders may also cause irregular heart rates and rhythms.

Remember to always take precautions with your plants and keep them out of reach of children and pets!